Our Approach

We recommend a soil analysis of each property in effort to best understand whether treatment is required in order to sustain a balanced “Soil Food Web.”

Next, we evaluate the efficiency of your existing irrigation system by eliminating excess emitters, installing a smart panel, adjusting watering cycles, repairing diaphragms and/or solenoids, replacing outdated nozzles with high efficiency nozzles while conserving water and preventing undesired weeds from germinating, and mulching for water retention to help support a healthy garden, while conserving water.

Depending on the service level, monthly reports are generated in effort to keep the homeowner up to date with services rendered, as well as services forecasted.

Take a moment to review our garden maintenance packages offered below. An on-site visit by an EcoSystems team member will best align the most accurate pricing for your garden service needs.

Should you prefer to DIY, EcoSystems offers consultations for a fee. Please, contact us by selecting the “Schedule a Consultation” tab on our homepage.

New Services

outdoor workspace

Outdoor Workspace

Work remotely in the flora & fauna of your outdoor living space. Integrate a wonderland for the children to frolic, while keeping a watchful eye on them. Working in your yard has never been this relaxing!

pet and animal sanctuary

Pet & Animal Sanctuary

Invite the local wildlife into your garden by planting butterfly, bird, and bee friendly flowers. Integrating a water feature and custom bird feeder may convince them that they’ve arrived home.



Imagine reducing your water consumption, establishing a firebreak, while EcoSystem’s team creates an outdoor sanctuary your family will create memories in for many years to come. A functional bioswale will actively divert water run-off during the winter rains and acts as an effective measure to create a firebreak within your property. By adding a designated high impact rotary sprinkler system around the perimeter of your property acts as yet another line of defense; should a fire threaten your property.

outdoor kitchen and bbq

Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ

Enjoy a home cooked meal right in your backyard. Perfect for hosting guests in the summer and year round. Grill up some veggies from your garden for the full experience!

home garden

Home Garden

Enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables straight from your own home garden. We will help you build sustainable growing habits and enjoy fresh produce from your yard, year-round!

Traditional Services

landscape management

Landscape Management

Our corporate service professionals will oversee the design, implementation, and maintenance of your landscaping project. We will perform a full landscape audit with your specific needs in mind and recommend innovative and custom solutions that compliment your particular property.

pest management

Pest Management

We employ an environmentally sensitive approach towards pest control that combines our comprehensive understanding of insect life cycles with available eco-friendly pest-control techniques. Our solutions are meant to inspect, identify, and treat pest problems, while minimizing risk to staff, beneficial pest, and the overall environment.

tree and plant selection

Tree & Plant Selection

Indigenous plants grow best in their native environment. As a result, they are less affected by disease and require less fertilizer and water. We can help you select native trees, plants, and flowers that will enhance your property and lower landscape maintenance costs.



We can design and install an effective and efficient irrigation system for your landscape needs or evaluate your current system for cost-effectiveness and environmental awareness. We also offer maintenance services in order to ensure your seasonal water requirements are appropriately met.

Arboreal Management

Arboreal Management

Corporations often establish offices in more urban environments, which can be especially aggravating for trees. Such areas can limit root space and factors such as sun and wind are intensified. Our staff can help with pruning, fertilization, and risk assessment. We also provide installation, removal, preservation, and bracing services.

Watershed Management

Watershed Management

EcoSystems Landscape Solutions can assist in the protection and clean-up of natural, freshwater resources. We employ a wide range of solutions such as re-landscaping, soil-building conservation, bioswale integration, regenerative planting, and more.

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